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Established in 2007

Powerflex Direct are a leading distributor for Powerflex polyurethane suspension bushes. We have quick access to huge stocks of suspension bushes to ensure you get your parts quickly.

Powerflex Bushes have many benefits both on the road and on the track, when the weight of a car is forcing on standard bushes they often have far to much movement this in turn puts out your alignment and ruins handling. Powerflex bushes will move far less keeping everything pointing where it should be.

Powerflex bushes offer:
- Longer tyre life
- Improved performance
- Increase safety
- Greater cost-effectiveness

Buy your Powerflex polyurethane suspension bushes from one of the largest distributors. Powerflex are one of the worlds largest supplier of Polyurethane suspension products, so make Powerflex your first choice when replacing worn bushes!